NewAge launches maize seeds that are drought resistant

Ghanaian agribusiness firm, NewAge Agric Solutions Limited, has launched a locally-produced maize breed that is robust enough to withstand drought conditions.

The relatively unpredictable weather pattern in Ghana this year has left a lot of farmers uncertain of how much yield they will get.

The major rainy season, which was earlier in 2021, did not see the volume and timeliness of rain that was expected.

“NA 600 is our first maize variety under the CHAMPION SEED brand. It is Ghana’s own Top Cross hybrid white maize variety, which has been treated to help in achieving maximum vigour and robustness. The seed is moderately tolerant to drought and ideal for the current second maize season,” the General Manager of NewAge, Martin T. Nartey said at the launch of the new seed in Techiman.

The Bono East Regional Director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Cecilia Kagya Agyemang, also stated that, “The introduction of Champion seeds means the introduction of a new business to our local seed breeders. Increasing hybrid consumption will ultimately lead to a balance of the volume of imports, thereby providing a competitive market for our highly illustrious local breeders and revive a rather slow sector that has immense potential. NewAge Agric Solutions have always been known as key promoters of the usage of hybrid seeds by farmers in the country.”